Life Coach

Inspiring & committing people to live a better life

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Though people are adequately brave yet they are threatened with their decisions for the future results. People just don’t require coaching for their future outcome indeed they need it for balancing their mental or emotional state of mind to become the role model of excellence.

Who is a Life Coach?

An individual who helps you in identifying the right way to achieve the most important goals of yours, building a sense of self-confidence, and maximizing the potential with the positive vibes.

Perspectives are broadened in order to change the way we look at our goals and life in general. Together with two distinctive minds, an effective strategy is created!

Misconceptions still do exist, Life Coach can be mistaken for a wide range of things and that’s what we’d like to share to clear your doubts.

  • “Clients are not asked to dive deeply into their past to expedite healing as Life Coaching is not at all counseling”.
  • “Life Coach always allows and motivates their clients to choose their respective pathways instead of telling what to do about their life, hereby Coach only meant to be facilitator, guide, encourager, and cheerleader(Of course!).

Life Coaching results in 88% positive productivity, you could hire a professional life coach to help you with your professional business plans, personal objectives, and progressions.

What does a life coach do?

Difficulties are never big, you just require the right person that could listen to you and can motivate you, and that's what Life Coach works on. Studies suggest most people require life coaches. As the stress of workload, career doubts, financial worries, emotional mismanagement and other issues that directly impacts the lives increases, you need a life coach to assist in resolving both personal and professional issues Scientifically.

A life coach imparts analytical skills with practical reasoning for each step in your life. Life Coach evolves the anxiety into enthusiasm, fear into cheer, and stuck-ness into real implementations. Challenges are a part of life, thus an effective Coach helps you to figure out meaningful and imperative decisions.

Various Fields in Life Coaching

Life coaching is a science and it has a vast field of study and implementations

1. Parenting Coaching.
Parenting is the combination of science, psychology & emotions. Bringing up a child is not an easy task. It has to be taught. Parenting Coach boosts your feelings, your inner love & care, and above that helps you to identify the strengths in your family all with scientifically proven methods and ways. Coaching is all about knowing the tools to raise and educate the children at the excellent level of your ability.

Parent coaching assists in dealing with all aspects of being a parent, adding on:

  • Confidence
  • Parenting style
  • Life events
  • Work balance
  • Stress-management

Every family is unique in their own way, so should be your sessions. Becoming a parent is a joyful feeling but is also life’s biggest challenge. The upbringing of your kid is the reflection of your hard work!

There are distinct stages of life, your behavior/love/support has to be dynamic with the changing phase of your children's life , fulfilling a parent’s responsibility is not as easy as it seems.

2. Career Coaching.
Life offers us great challenges and we always should welcome it with a smile, career is something that is everyone’s part of life.

Career Coaching provides a platform where a student, an entrepreneur, a new startup, a retiring person or anyone could seek for. It’s a methodology to find your sweet spot where the gate opens of a real existing opportunity, what you are good at, and actually what you want from life at the level of your satisfaction.

Here, you are able to pitch yourself in a compelling manner plus can highlight your strengths while reducing your weaknesses.

3. Relationship Coaching.
Love does not decrease with the passage of time but if it’s happening then you should consider Relationship Coaching. A relationship coach assists you to define your relationship objectives, comprehend your present ways of coexisting, science for improved marital relationships, lament a lost adored one, or take your long term relationships to the next level.

This session also includes the single ones, those who are curious to know the value of relationships for their future happy lives.

Best Coach always finds an innovative way to handle all your personal emotions and relationships.

4. Financial Coaching.
A comprehensive financial plan is incomplete without a good life coach.
Coaching is not designed to manage a crisis instead it provides regular one-to-one sessions to meet the mutual goals, and also boosts self-control with the flexibility to change strategies as with the client’s financial situation.

Goals of the Coaching:

  • Achieve client foremost goals
  • Address immediate problems
  • Support reliable and specific actions to meet the objective
  • Improvise the financial situation
  • Change the behavior
  • Provide tools, resources, and referrals

Financial Coach advises focusing on long term financial behavior, there’s plenty of homework between sessions and the day of actual launch followed by Insight...Action...Insight...Action…

5. Self Growth Coaching.
Finding a gift in all aspects of yourself can be your requirement.

Personality and confidence is one key aspect for self growth. Take a coffee in your hand and learn some valuable key points or tools to enhance your personality.

The life coaching methods help improve self-efficacy and self-empowerment. The coach helps you to build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be!

Personal growth can result in benefits for those who are…

  • Suffering from an unwanted burden
  • College students who need accountability
  • Entrepreneurs seeking for distinctive strategies
  • Who can’t succeed in their life on their own

Sustainable changes come from within yet you require to add the meaning with only the Best Coach available. Here, you can share your problems that will always be confidential. Effective, creative, and innovative tools will be shared to maximize your growth.

Dr. Harish Sharma gateway!

Dr. Harish Sharma is a highly motivated and well-known personality nation-wide in terms of changing the lives of many people during his 29 years of experience as a brilliant Life Coach, Child Psychologist, Meditation Guide and a Behavioural Expert. Humanity is the foremost religion that should be followed by everyone, believed by Dr. Harish Sharma.

Some other aspects are: He visits and holds workshops on Child Development Learning Programme(CDLP), Youth’s Career Consultation(YCC), Parents and Teachers Training Programme(PTTP), and is also master in the meditational lives.

This biggest personality is delivering training sessions to educating institutes since 2000, he always says knowledge is the strongest weapon to fight against any obstacles faced in life…

His certifications are:

  • MBTI Certified- Professional Psychometrician
  • Certified- Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant
  • Member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

What distinguishes Dr. Harish Sharma Coaching sessions?

Transformation is the topmost consideration that a person searches to hire a professional coach, there’s no doubt that there are numbers of life coaches but not everyone has resulted positively.

The real productivity is promised with practical steps and scientific basis:

  • AchieveBring your focus to your life goals.
  • Make you feel comfortable to share your issues
  • Highlight the key to solve your relationship problems
  • Get in the change that you were looking for and encourages you for a long time
  • Uncertainties often lead to distress thus enhance your business plans

Does Life Coaching Work?

Your life has other people in it and adopting a good Life Coach brings a positive atmosphere into the lives of your family, friends, colleagues, and obviously your neighbor. You want to raise your standard, your lifestyle, your thinking, your decisions, and everything that can stop you from being a 100% effective personality.

If you’re determined, your life coaching will absolutely turn out to be the best decision ever! Every person required to learn, practice, and grow with the changing phase of life. Reframing the old ways maximize the potential, coaching results effectively when you want it to be done!

The change will not take place while sitting and thinking, it needs actions plus implementations. No one can do anything for you until your first move wouldn’t be taken...Step forward we are here to support you!

Life Coach assists its coach with all tools, yet the decision lasts with the client.

“Refreshments build beautification”.

How will you benefit?

As your coach, Dr. Sharma will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires. He will figure out the areas that require action or attention for your sake! There’s nothing in life that you cannot shift. You are much more capable then your thinking just you need support to bring out your actual mindset.

One-size doesn’t fit for all when it comes to coaching, thus Dr. Harish believes in exploring the stand out ways, so he does.

The past experiences of Dr. Sharma with their clients are honest and rewarding. Remember failure motivates you to enlarge your skills!

Dr. Harish offers his experiences in the best module with extra additional care, such as:

  • Welcome the positivity in your life with a creative mindset
  • High-quality aluminum alloy, die-cast aluminum
  • Get rid out of fear, anxiety, depression, mental sickness
  • Let you live happily married life with your partner
  • Grew your child with knowledge, and values