Conscious Parenting

Complete package of conscious parenting workshop

Right Parenting empowers you to be a Counsellor, Mentor and Friend to your child. Parenting in today’s time remains a tough challenge. Understanding the young minds remains a challenge in this modern world.
Whether you are a parent /guardian/ grandparent/ teacher or on your way to becoming a Parent, take a little time to understand the psychological problems concerned with your children.

Lakshit scared of everything. He shivers when someone says anything in a high pitch. He is fearful of many things.

Mumma, pa, you only love my sister! Rohan says to his parents on daily basis. They tried many times to make him understand that they love both. But the problem remains.

Mayank, Ravi and Kajal never leave the TV remote from their hands. Morning till evening they sit in front of TV set a watch cartoon network nonstop.

I will not go to school", "Promise, I will go tomorrow", "Not today... please papa", Mumma! Each morning it is a fight time at Karan's home. Will he go to school today? If yes, How? Promise, Bribe, Love, Scolding - nothing works on Karan.

Nine-year-old Shivani is a fussy eater. Everyday her parents have to struggle to make her eat something which she doesn't like at all. She only likes to eat fast food and cold drinks.

Ravi is a disobedient boy. When his parents correct him he looks at them with aggression and doesn't listen to any of their command.

Ishan has become very demanding, when he goes to market with parent. He start shouting a crying so much that parents have to full fill his all demand whether they like it or not.

Gokul forgets whatever he learns. Teachers a Parents struggle hard to help him memorize everything, but within two hours he forgets everything.

If you face these problems with your child, then you need to know the root cause behind these psychological problems. We have to be “Consciously Aware” of the psychology and start adapting skills & techniques ‘Conscious Parenting” to nurture your wonder kid the “Right Way”.

What does Conscious Parenting workshop offers?

  • Opens the paradigm shift in parenting approach which is “Conscious Parenting” as against “Traditional Approach.”
  • Empowers you to be a “Counsellor and Mentor” to your child.
  • Helps to come over the hurdles in bringing up your beloved children.
  • Creates awareness about do’s and don’ts at every stage of a psychological milestone.
  • Enable to strengthen your soul connection to the child.
  • Develops effective communication with your child and help them to live out a happy harmonious life.
  • Techniques, exercises, and, meditation for honing skills of parenting.
  • Recognizing ways of building a strong secure bond with your child.

In this workshop, parents and teachers will be educated at the following points

  • Psychological solutions for problems between One-Year-Old Children to 20 year’s old adult.
  • The ability to understand the Psychological of adolescents.
  • Ways to raise interest in children’s education.
  • The way to learn the difference between the child’s innate talent and the earned talent and the ways to grow their innate talent.
  • Finding the Difference in Discipline and Punishment.
  • When to love children and how to keep them disciplined.
  • Measures to increase family values and life value within children.

What major factors will be discussed?

  • What you really want for your child
  • Relationship with your child
  • Child career planning
  • Child development

This workshop will help you:

  • Work with your strengths and positively address parenting challenges.
  • Develop kind and effective discipline strategies while avoiding power struggles.
  • Manage differences of opinion with your co-parent.
  • Recognize patterns at play in the family dynamic and discern what is working.
  • Provide support in helping you meet your own needs as well as your children’s.