“I believe that every person has the ability to learn, change and adapt. We are not static personalities, reactive to our environment and the challenges we might face. We are dynamic beings with multiple intelligences, able to fulfill our unique potential. Everyone has it in them to develop themselves and reach their full potential. We all have the ability to do a little more each day than we think we can possibly do”

-Dr. Harish Sharma

Deals in

Child-Psychologist, Parenting & Life Coach, Meditation Guide

Trainings for Career

Giving one to one “Career Path Blueprint Consultation” for students of 6th to Post Graduation class in order to help them in creating their Career Goal, Career Vision and Career Plan.

Conducting “Career Instrument” to understand employability potential and career options.

Training For Parents

Conducting “Clinical-Child-development-learning Parenting Programme” for all age group parents & enlightening them about their child’s Psychical-Intellectual & Mental Development, Emotional & Social Development, Moral & Personality Development, his/her hobbies-career & education planning, relationships issues, attitude & handling the child/adolescence as per his best fit personality.

Training For Everybody

  • Aiding an individual to grow in one-to-one coaching & Consultation
  • Relationship Counselling for married & In-relationship people
  • Conducting “Life-Partner Compatibility Test” for Couple & Husband-Wife.
  • Giving “Life Coaching Consultation” with a focus on personal-virtues & life-conditions leading to flourishing well-being and meaningful life.

Dr Harish Sharma

Ph.D(PsyD), M.B.T.I.(Psy),C.H.I.I., C.D.C., A.G.C., Child Psychologist, MBTI Certified-Professional-Psychometrician, Certified-Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant, Accredited Genomic Consultant Member of American Psychological Association, Member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists.


Personal Growth

  • Building confidence, self-esteem & acceptance with positive attitude.
  • Developing acceptance and positive attitude, living out a harmonious life.
  • To be able to enjoy meaningful relationship.
  • To enhance spiritual growth & access divine wisdom.

Emotional Growth

  • Effective eradication of imaginary fears & phobias
  • Let-go of restricting emotional issues of life
  • Concentration & sharp focus to enhance performance in study.
  • Paradigm shift in parenting approach
  • Creating awareness about do’s don’ts at every stage of psychological milestone
  • To let go of restricting emotional issues and handle effectively relationship conflicts

In Medical Conditions

  • Reduce of High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Pain, Migraine like disorders
  • Psychosomatic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Asthma, Acidity etc.
  • Psychiatric conditions like of depression, Suicidal thoughts, OCD, Anxiety disorders, Insomnia, Phobias and many more.

Professional Growth

  • To be able to concentrate and focus intently to enhance your performance and in career.
  • To effortlessly accomplish your target goals.
  • Or effective output at individual and organizational level.
  • To be able to enjoy financial freedom
  • To enhance your output in Sports (individual and team level)
  • To become an influential Public Speaker.