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  • A highly motivated & very well renowned nation-wide , with over 29 years of experience as a renowned Child-Psychologist, Parenting & Life Coach. He has built a career on setting goals, delivering excellent service to humanity for the betterment of humankind and following through on all commitments.

    Other aspects of him is, he holds workshops on large scale on Child Development Learning Programme (CDLP), Youth’s Career Consultation (YCC), Parents & Teacher’s Training Program (PTTP), Dr Sharma also teaches Life-Skills & Himalayan Meditation to people. He also solves various relationships/Life related serious conflicts like (Love Affairs, Pre & Post-marriage issues, Parental Problems) and Personal-Problems for making life meaningful.

    Dr. Sharma has been delivering training sessions to educating institutes and professionals of reputed schools, colleges & Leading Coaching Institutes of India since 2000.

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Child Development

Coaching that educates, motivates & inspires our kids to focus on positives and lead a fulfilling life.

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Meditation is more about focus & concentration and less about spiritualism.

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Dr. Harish Sharma’s team is offering a wide range of personalized and comprehensive training programs.

Training for Parents

Be a “Counselor and Mentor” to your child. Overcome the hurdles in bringing up your beloved children.

Training for Students

Workshops for every school & college, to educate the teachers about all the qualities and abilities of the children.

Training for Everyone

Enhancing emotional health of children, adolescents, and families to build confidence and a positive attitude in life.

Over 29 Years of Experience

As a well-recognized Child-Psychologist, M.B.T.I Certified Professional, Psychometrician of M.B.T.I.-E.N.F.P. personality, Author, Career Counsellor & Life Coach.
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